Kinetic Driver

Created by Giaco Whatever

The Screwdriver That You Don't Need.

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We're working on the real THANK YOU
about 1 month ago – Thu, Sep 17, 2020 at 04:02:04 PM

5105 people didn't need it. 

But those same 5105 people wanted to own a Kinetic Driver. I can say "thank you" a billion times but I think the best way to honor your support will be to deliver the best product we can. And we are already at work for that! I'm looking forward to taking you along on this journey (follow "Giaco Whatever" on Instagram and Youtube)!

You will receive the survey via email in the next few weeks so you'll be able to:

  • Choose the Bearing Ring color.
  • Add more Kinetic Driver to your pledge.
  • Add one secret thing we're working on (we're very excited about that).

The Kinetic Driver Dark Chromed Edition

Many of you asked for that, so we decided to offer the Dark Chromed color option! Again, you will be able to choose this color variant while filling out the survey. Mind that this won't be numbered and won't add your name to the packaging, that remains exclusively for the 150 owners of the Founder's Edition.

Missed the Kickstarter campaign?

We are keeping preorders open here

Feel free to write to us at if you need any help, have any questions o want to provide feedback. This is the fastest and the only way to receive proper support from us.




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MetMo Grip - New Stretch Goals Released!

$300,000+ Raised! 2100+ Backers! Ending soon!

Thanks to the support of our amazing backers, we've now released some epic new stretch goals and add-ons!

Stretch Goal 1: Passivation Layering
A finishing process to the metal which helps prevent corrosion. Added to all Grips from launch!

Stretch Goal 2: Measurement Markings Add-On
For those that wish to upgrade their Grip with laser marked measurements, a simple additional £5 to your existing pledge amount will get you sorted out with measuring in style, available in Metric or Imperial.

Stretch Goal 3: The Grip Kit
Fulfilling a request of many of our backers, to have a way of storing and protecting the Grip when not in use: Presenting the Grip Kit! Harking back to the turn of the century methods, a traditional leather holder with brass fittings. The Kit also comes with a driver bit (you know, just because) and allen key for servicing.

Click HERE to get yours!

No More Missing Bits, Forever.
about 2 months ago – Sat, Sep 05, 2020 at 12:16:59 AM

There are only a few things as annoying as having a non-complete set of bits in the workshop. 

We need to fix that!

Where bits go to die.

“I Want You Back”

We’re studying a system to let Kinetic Driver owners being able to refurbish their loved set when the bits are ruined, lost, stolen, or “just because"… No questions asked!

We will give you a more precise formula when we have it but the idea, in short, is that the Kinetic Driver comes with a unique code. This will allow you to get an X number of chosen bits for an X number of times, forever.

You would only pay for shipping but you can also combine the bits to a new order from the website. Not only but from something else special we’re working on.

We have a very simple marketing strategy: make the products we always wanted in the way we could only dream about.

The “I Want You Back” policy is another step towards that. Some would even say a bit closer.

Thank you,


This turned out incredible!
2 months ago – Sat, Aug 29, 2020 at 03:09:33 PM


A big thank you from the team and I! We put a lot of effort and love in this project and having such a high response from you guys has been really incredible! We reached our goal in just nine minutes and received almost 2000% of the goal in the first 20 hours! We are speechless!

We wanted to share with you some backstory of how the Kinetic Driver was born, you can find the video of the very first Kinetic Driver below :)

The prototypes we showed in the pictures and video were thought for a smaller production but with this kind of response, we now have the opportunity to make it even better.

We are already working on some little details here and there, improving the Kinetic Driver as much as we can, so expect more updates in the near future. At this very moment, we're working on adding a custom made screw to hold the bearing so it would be easier to change it for maintenance or if needs be. At the moment it's press-fitted and would be troubling to change it without a press and a special jig.

It looks like we're going to reach 300000€ very soon and this will allow us to announce a very good feature we're working on. Stay tuned! Remember that to get all kind of updates, the best way is to follow me on:




If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

Again, thank you guys. This wouldn't be possible without people like you.


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